The Monday Rundown (LA Edition)

Gavert Atelier highlights: It’s been a little over a year since my last trip to Gavert and I was LONG overdue.  I love everyone that works there – seriously, they’re the nicest staff ever – and I especially love the fact that they give honest advice and opinions; they don’t just “yes ma’am” any of their clients and that is important if you want good results!  The color?  I love.  Will I go back to Gavert Atelier?  Absolutely.

Sprinkles Cupcakes: They have a ton of locations now and, as you know, cupcake stores have a lot of competition…but what makes Sprinkles unique is their cupcake ATM machine.  How can you not want to just buy cupcake after cupcake, just to watch them come out of the ATM?!  I’m obsessed.

H.D. Buttercup: Pricey, yes, but this is one of the best furniture stores that I’ve ever seen.  At the very least, you can go and get some good inspiration and then stop into Father’s Office (right next door) for some good beer on tap or a glass of wine.

Blessed Charm jewelry: I went to an event for Blessed Charm last week and absolutely fell in love with their dainty, sophisticated, yet simple, line of jewels.  The creator, a former entertainment manager, lives here in LA and all of the materials are sourced from LA as well (and, of course, also made here).  What I love even more than the jewelry line is the brand’s partnership with Create Now, an organization that serves vulnerable kids (ages 2-25) who have been abused, neglected, victims of domestic violence, etc. and teams them up with mentors that spend positive time with them.


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