The multi-functional toner you need in your skincare regimen

multi-functional toner by Jafra

Because I love a good multi-tasker…

Today I partnered with JAFRA because I absolutely had to share my newest skincare favorite with you: the JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Toning Essence gives you the benefits of a toner and an essence in one.

person holding multi-functional toner by Jafra

When my client first told me about this new product launch, I was genuinely PUMPED; it’s not every day that one skincare product can do so much and give you so many benefits, you know?  First off, let’s talk about why toning essences are even worth using in the first place.  This one, in particular, works to:

  • Soften the skin
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Smooth the skin
  • Refine the look of pores
  • Improve the skin’s radiance
  • Lightly exfoliate the skin
  • Remove traces of makeup residue
  • Prep skin for the products you use after (aka my favorite reason)

The first time I used this toning essence, my skin legit GLOWED; it was clean, but still hydrated and smooth, and that’s due to the mild exfoliants that help smooth the skin and also refine the look of your pores.

Jafra Royal Revitalize toner

I love that this toning essence includes JAFRA’s patented Royal Jelly RJx: JAFRA’s exclusive technology that boosts the power, potency, and precision of nature’s royal jelly, to improve skin’s appearance of the signs of aging. It also boasts witch hazel extract and gentle exfoliants like lactic acid and glycolic acid for that smooth, soft skin I keep raving about 🙂

Trust me- use this stuff after cleansing morning and night for your best skin yet.

Thank you to JAFRA for sponsoring this post

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