The Neil George Salon

So I’ve blogged time and time again about how I am on the constant quest to achieve the perfect blonde highlights…well, I may have found them at the Neil George Salon.  I was lucky enough to have the brilliant Amanda George take a whirl at making my hair as golden as possible, with out it falling out, obviously.  I had a 10:30AM appointment on a Saturday and when I walked in, the place was packed.  “Who goes to the salon at the crack of dawn on a Saturday,” I thought.  Well, I suppose 10:30 isn’t the actual crack of dawn…and then when I saw how amazing the staff was, I totally understood.  The Beverly Hills salon services many of Hollywood’s celebs and was created by the British duo, Amanda George and Neil Weisberg.  After Amanda gave me brilliant highlights, Neil cut my hair in that way that only a real professional does- he looked at my hair, ruffled it around a bit and just began cutting instinctually.  I love watching genius in action and I especially love watching someone do what they love, which Amanda and Neil both obviously do.

It’s been about a month since my appointment and the color and cut still look amazing.  Very impressed over here, ladies.

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