The next big thing- Twitter jewelry!

So I recently came across this amazing new jewelry line, Survival of the Hippest, and had to share. My obsession with Twitter has grown oh so much over the last few months and quite frankly, I blame my iPhone app.  However, I digress.  As much as I try to pretend that I don’t check my Twitter feed at least 20 times a day, these trendy necklaces and bracelets are my newest obsession.  I’m already planning out what Trending Topics I want (#FF and #Fail are a must) and of course, a gold @Jamie3983 bracelet.  Duh.

3 thoughts on “The next big thing- Twitter jewelry!

  1. It’s a hashtag for trending topics! For example, if you wanted to post a discount for black friday, you would put #BlackFriday and then people can search that to find your tweet =)

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