The Only Beauty Products You Need to Buy During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Beauty Products from the NSALE - La Mer featured

It’s that time again- the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – and I have mixed reviews…

Wow. It’s hard to believe this is my first blog post since before my dad died.  Truthfully, I’ve been trying to write a post about the grief I’ve been dealing with and it’s just really proven to be a lot more emotionally taxing than I thought, which means I’ve been procrastinating the shit out of it.  Then I was talking with my friend Lori the other night and she reminded me of something important: there are no rules.

I can wait to post about my dad’s death if I want to. Who’s pressuring me to post anyway?  For now, I want to deal quietly and privately (mostly, but you’ve probably seen some IG Stories about it) until I’m ready to talk (and write) about it.

As for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…meh.

I always look forward to sharing my beauty picks with you guys but this year was kind of whatever, IMO, and from what I’ve seen from my fashion blogger friends, I’m not alone.

That said, I was extra particular when selected my must-haves this year and, to be honest, I wasn’t super impressed with any of the makeup or fragrance sales this year so I didn’t include any products from that category…I know, womp womp.  But here’s what I DO LOVE and recommend…

Beauty Products – Skin favorites


Hair favorites

Beauty Products from the NSALE

Sh*t I bought for myself


What are you guys buying during the sale? I’d love to get your thoughts.



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