The Reveal Imager and GRAM Skincare

So I recently had the opportunity to have a special photo taken of myself using the Reveal Imager, which takes in-depth photos of your skin to reveal inflammation and other skin conditions like sun damage, etc.  I’ll admit that I went in a bit cocky thinking I’d have little to no sun damage (or damage in general like acne, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.) since I’ve been an avid sunscreen user for many years and make it a habit to stay out of the sun.  Makes sense, no?  Well yeah…I was wrong.

While I didn’t have many fine lines and wrinkles (thank god), I did however have a decent amount of dryness and skin thinning in addition to my freckles (aka sun damage).  The photos were quite shocking to me and a bit of rude awakening that yeah, ok, I’m almost 28 (which is almost 30) and it’s time to take anti-aging skincare seriously.

Dr. Gram (of GRAM Skincare) diagnosed my skin after checking out the photos above.  Basically he told me that my skin is dehydrated, which I already knew, and that the skin under my eyes is a lot thinner than it should be.  No bueno.  I’ve been using GRAM Eye Rescue which uses Rutin and Vitamin K to restore and illuminate the delicate skin around the eyes.  I used to be a bit of an eye cream skeptic but I will say that I’m already noticing a small difference in my eye area that I’m liking a lot. Dr. Gram also told me to start using a cleanser that won’t strip down my skin (another culprit of thinning and dehydrated skin).  I’m really liking the GRAM Skincare Clarifying Cleanser, which uses a combination of apple stem cell technology, salicylic acid and the Nutri-Vit Complex, which fights blemishes by going deep into the pores to dissolve bacteria that cause blackheads before they get to the surface.

Note: the red dot in the center of my forehead is not sun damage, it’s a ZIT. I mean…I know.

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