The Second Rise of the Scrunchie


The fact that The New York Times did a story on the SCRUNCHIE says a lot…

When I read the story, I nearly fell over. The fact that scrunchies were all over the runway made me instantly flash back to that scene from Sex and the City. You know the scene…

Carrie: You have your leading lady running all over town wearing a SCRUNCHIE!?

Berger: What’s wrong with that?

Carrie: Nothing. Unless you’re writing about women on the island of Manhattan, in which case… where do I begin?

The thing is this, scrunchies are actually really GOOD for your hair.  Since they’re basically all fabric, they don’t cause breakage or tug at fragile strands the way that thin elastic bands do, and they’re great for keeping a blow out fresh for day two…but really? Scrunchies are back?  I suppose there are worse trends to come back, circa the 90s, and thats a fact.  I’m not yet convinced that wearing a scrunchie in public is socially acceptable but, in the mean time, here are a few of my favorite modern-day scrunchies that you can wear while washing your face and, maybe, one day in front of other people…maybe.

What do you guys think? Would you wear a scunchie in public in a non-ironic way?


p.s.- I actually DID use that calculator in the 90s.

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