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collage of Valentine's Day gifts

Because these are the gifts you should get yourself or your best girlfriend…

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

Up-cycled wool cozy socks

I found this brand on TikTok and just ordered my first pair!  If you’re on a sustainability journey like me, you’ll love these socks, made from up-cycled wool sweaters.  The founders work with thrift stores to buy up all their wool donations that aren’t fit to be resold (holes, stains, etc.). Then they turn them into socks, hats, scarves, etc.  These socks are super cozy, not to mention unique, and I can’t wait to wear mine around my apartment.

A chic makeup set

MAKE Beauty makes amazing makeup products (you’ve probably seen them all over your TikTok FYP!), and this little set is such a great gift idea!  You’ll get their best-selling Serum Balm Intense in Nude Nova and Heat Stroke – love, love, love.

A thrifted designer item

I’ll probably never get to go to the Unclaimed Baggage store (it’s in Alabama). However, that doesn’t stop me from cruising their online shop. You can find all kinds of designer items for less, and sometimes the items are brand new with tags!  Essentially the store gets unclaimed luggage from airports around the country and resells the items.  Fun fact- apparently airlines do use sophisticated tracking technology to reunite over 99.5% of bags with their owners right away but, if a bag is truly lost, airlines pay out a claim to the passenger. It’s only after an extensive three-month search that an unclaimed bag is deemed truly orphaned, a fate realized by less than 0.03% of all checked luggage! That’s where Unclaimed Baggage comes in.

I also really love that they partner with a ton of charities.  Throughout the year, Unclaimed Baggage takes suitcases to schools, charities, social and business groups to be hand-painted for children moving to new foster homes.  The painted luggage is then donated to foster care agencies and replaces the garbage bags many children typically use to transport their belongings.  Love this SO MUCH.

Sexy (yet comfortable) lingerie

I love supporting a small, female-owned business…and especially when the products are this cute.  This lingerie set is sexy, but also comfortable – the fabric is nylon/spandex soft stretch lace and I honestly just love the colors and the little rosette detail!

A book and skincare duo

When I got the PR pitch for this I was like OMG YES.  I read this book years ago and it really IS life-changing, trust me.  What a cool gift to combine a great book with a great serum, right?  In this kit, you’ll get the book, of course, and then you’ll also get the Secure Attachment Comfort Serum, which you can use alone for a hydrated glow or as a primer before makeup for a smooth application.

Some sweet treats

I’ve been a Baked By Melissa fan since their OG hole-in-the-wall storefront in NYC and this Valentine’s Day bundle set is such a great gift (also currently 25% off, by the way).  You’ll get a good assortment of their mini cupcakes in their Valentine’s Day-themed packaging. So good.

The best daily planner ever

Ok, I obviously had to give the daily planner that I created a shout out. It really is a great gift for yourself or for a friend who wants to stay organized with no pressure 🙂

Rosé-infused eye gels

I love under-eye gel patches just in general, but these are rosé-infused and just so good.  They’re packed with antioxidants (resveratrol from grapes to name one!) to help fight the signs of aging, and will also give your under-eye area a boost of hydration with hyaluronic acid.

Super chic body wash

I’ve talked about my love for Phlur before and, I’m sorry, but this body wash needs to named gift of the year (for any holiday).  As the brand states, “if nude were a perfume, this is it” and I know exactly why the fragrance went viral over on the TikTok.  The body wash itself comes in a ton of scents, so pick your poison, but your skin will get coated in a super luxe, vitamin-enriched, serum weight body cleanser and it will become your next obsession.

The candle of your dreams

I was gifted a Maison Margiela Replica candle a few years ago from a brand and was very into it. This is why I now deem their new scent, “On a Date” a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. This floral-scented candle “recreates the memories of falling in love.” It has sparkling and addictive fruitiness of black currant and delicate Isparta roses atop sensual patchouli. It’ll transport you to a vineyard date soaked in the golden-hour light.


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