The weirdest cat face mask ever

cat mask

Because it’s National Cat Day, and this face mask creeps me out on a clown-like level…

I read about National Cat Day a few weeks ago and thought to myself “OMG, national cat day is the perfect (or maybe purrrfect, get it?) day to post about that Japanese cat face mask I read about”…but, yeah, then I tried it out and even though it feels great on your skin, it’s also slightly creepy.

I ordered the Pure Smile Japan Art Face Mask Kotaro Cat Collagen & Ha Mask on Amazon with pure joy and excitement in my eyes.  I love my cats (#GemmaAngel and #GeaBallerina on Instagram), it’s a given, and even though I’m selective about the kitschy cat stuff I hoard, I saw this mask and thought it was kinda cute.  To be fair, I didn’t actually SEE what the mask would look like, only the packaging.


Will YOU be a cat? The packaging looked cute and very Japanese, which I adore.

Even though the actual mask creeps me out on all kinds of clown-like levels, my skin DID feel pretty amazing after I tried it out.  I wasn’t expecting a paint-your-face version of a cat, but the mask uses collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for tons of hydration and softness.

Plus, I did it for the Insta, let’s be honest.  Happy National Cat Day. #meow

What do you guys think? Creepy but worth it?


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