These CBD Products Are the Best For My Lower Back Pain

CBD products for lower back pain

Because I’ll test anything that might help my lower back pain…

CBD products cream and balm

CBD has been all the rage for awhile now and it seemed like as soon as CBD creams/balms hit the market I was flooded with press releases and pitch emails from brands touting “we have the best CBD cream ever!”  I was more than willing (you’re welcome, haha) to test as many as I could get my hands on, and trust me when I tell you that these four are in constant rotation for my lower back pain.

Special note: I know some of you still have a lot of questions about CBD but the most common question I get is “will it make me high?” The answer is NO. There is zero THC (the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high) in these products, so they’re safe for everyone.

I’m curious- have you guys tried any of these? Or do you have other CBD cream favorites? Tell me in the comment!

CBD lotion

CBD lotion

Lord Jones High CBD Body Lotion:

Lord Jones is by far the fanciest and celeb-approved CBD brand that I’ve come across, and for good reason.  Their body lotion, in particular, feels like silk going on your skin and my back pain was literally instantly gone (for at least a few hours).  The formula is just so good, guys and it’s definitely a new favorite.

The downside?  I used it so often (typically two times a day) that I ran out super fast, haha.  Aside from CBD, this lotion also includes shea butter (amazing for hydration) and menthyl  ethylamido oxalate, which is what gives you that cooling sensation.

CBD salve

Botanika CBD Salve:

This was one of the first CBD products I tried and it’s another winner for sure. This formula is more of a balm than a lotion like Lord Jones’ version but with 150mg of CBD it’s just as effective and if you like a heavier formula this one is your best bet!

CBD products

Cannabliss Hemp Salve:

Speaking of salves I also LOVE this version from Cannabliss (I even sold my dad on it and he loves it for his shoulder pain!).  The hemp salve contains a blend of powerful, all-natural herbal ingredients to help calm sunburn, minor burns and general inflammation including psoriasis, eczema, joint pain and muscle soreness.  

balm for lower back pain

Life Elements CBD & Honey Ache & Pain Relief:

My new favorite travel-friendly version!  It’s a smaller dose than some of the others (50mg vs 150mg). However, it’s nice to keep in your purse for any muscle ache emergencies (or even headaches).


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