Things Making Me Happy: 10.24.22

magazine for Things Making Me Happy: 10.24.22

Because it’s gonna be a good week…

Happy Monday, friends. Now that my daily planner is officially launched, I can take a breath and get more blog posts going again 🙂  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has already ordered a planner, by the way; I absolutely can not wait to hear what you guys think.  Don’t forget to tag me (@itsJamieStone) and @TPOPplanner on IG and TikTok so I can repost.

Here’s a fun list of things making me happy right now…

Things Making Me Happy: 10.24.22

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magazine page

a vintage magazine from my teen years

After having Atoosa Rubenstein (aka former Editor-in-Chief of CosmoGIRL! and Seventeen) on A Little Too Much podcast a few weeks ago, I decided that I simply HAD to find an old issue of one of my favorite magazines as a teen.  After a quick eBay search, I found an issue that I remember vividly; I loooove Sarah Michelle Gellar and I remember being super stoked to see her on this cover.  Flipping through the pages is a legit blast from the past and now I want to buy even more old issues, ha.  My favorites: the “get the look” beauty stories and, of course, the super Y2K gift guide stories.

progress over perfection planner for Things Making Me Happy: 10.24.22

My planner launch

I can’t stop talking about it, and I don’t care.  I’m just so f*cking proud and excited about the planner that I created and had to throw in another plug for anyone who hasn’t grabbed one up yet 🙂  It’s truly the planner for anyone who has struggled with using written planners in the past, trust me.

The Progress Over Perfection Planner, $45

Skull glasses for Halloween cocktails

Skull glasses for Halloween cocktails

I bought these glasses last year but only recently tried them for my new favorite cocktail recipe: a vodka martini with a twist.  I’m new to martini ordering and this is the perfect recipe for these glasses since they’re on the smaller side.

Skull cocktail glasses – set of four, $18

the watched movie cover

The perfect creepy movie for Halloween

I binged this new series pretty much in one sitting because it’s THAT addictive.  It’s creepy, but not scary in the way that you’ll want to hide under your covers.  Oh, and it’s based on a real story, which is even more crazy.  It’s a must-watch, friends.

The Watcher, Netflix

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