This sheet mask is for your neck, and it’s awesome.

Rodial Neck Mask

Because no one wants a turkey neck, including this girl right here…

Rodial Neck Mask

Sheet masks are still a thing but when I heard about a sheet mask for your NECK I was all in to test it out for you guys, as any good beauty blogger would do.  Rodial Snake Neck Mask excited me for many reasons.

  1. Because Rodial products are serious business
  2. Because the skin on my neck isn’t getting any younger (for any of us)
  3. I still love a good sheet mask

This neck mask, in particular, uses the brand’s Syn-Ake dipeptide technology to tighten, lift, tone, hydrate and smooth the neck area. It’s also formulated with amino acids and wheat protein, which help to tense and visibly tighten the skin, which helps your neck area appear younger and lifted. The Syn-Ake tripetide technology works to contract muscle cells to instantly freeze and lift the neck area, while the bio-cellulose technology allows the neck mask to mold directly to your neck shape for the most efficient distribution of the product.  So…that’s a lot of science talk but I feel confident that these masks are helping.

Rodial Neck Mask

You get eight of these babies in each pack and if you use one per week you’ve got a two-month supply stashed away.


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