Three New Favorites

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My latest and greatest faves are actually kind of cult classics…

It’s funny how, even though I’ve been a beauty blogger for eight years, there are still some classic beauty products that I haven’t tried out.  Honestly, most of the time it’s due to my own lack of interest, but in this particular case I had each of these three on my “to-do” list for what was probably YEARS and I just finally buckled down and tried them.  The result?  No surprises here:

Dr. Brandt CC Glow SPF 30: Though the CC cream fad is fairly new, Dr. Brandt’s products are a gold standard in the industry.  I got this CC cream from SHAPE magazine, as part of their Beauty Awards promotion, and I was totally impressed with the way it glided on, covered my redness and lasted all day.

Benefit They’re Real MascaraA jet-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes…that’s right.  I was actually really blown away with how BIG my lashes looked, and they stayed that way for hours, no clumping or flaking.

Spornette G-36 Brush: My first time using this brush, I immediately yelled OUCH, a few times BUT, the results were TOTALLY WORTH IT.  The brush is reinforced boar with nylon porcupine bristle, which makes for a smooth blow out and, I’ll be honest, the toughness of the brush is something you eventually get used to.


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  1. Hi Jamie,
    It’s Bonnie Sporn from Spornette brushes. Thanks so much for featuring our G-36 Porcupine rounder on your blog. We’re a family-run 3rd generation company that has built our 60 plus years of success on good honest reviews of our brushes. We have over 100 styles, so please go to http://www.spornette.com and pick out a few and I’ll send them to you free of charge. Thanks!

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