Three Questions With Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

As a long-time Fast and The Furious franchise fan, I was super excited to get to chat with Jordana Brewster, actress and PONDS spokesperson.  Here’s what Brewster had to say about her favorite beauty products and the best advice she’d give her 22-year-old self…

Three Questions With Jordana Brewster

What are your favorite three beauty products right now?     

I’m super into POND’S Towelettes. The lipstick I like to use can be very smudgeable and the Towelettes help me fix any errors…they also help me maintain my skin during the crazy holiday season.  I’m also really into this Kevyn Aucoin lipstick called Black Dhalia, and I also like keeping my brows in line with Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows. I love a good, bold brow.

What projects do you have coming up?

We’re currently in the midst of filming season 2 of Lethal Weapon. I play this really strong, independent woman named Maureen Cahill – it’s been a lot of fun!  Also, I hope to rejoin the Fast universe soon. I love playing Mia, especially as she transitions from a young lady to a strong bold woman. 

What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

To fake it till you make it – that’s something my mom has instilled in me. We all have off days but if we fake confidence around others, we’ll be perceived that way. I think it’s really important to be confident – even if you do have to fake it sometimes!

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