Three Questions With Bethany Hamilton

Three Questions With Bethany Hamilton - Honestly Jamie

A few weeks ago I was invited by Damon Braces (Bethany is a spokesperson!) to a SurfSet Fitness class to “surf” with arguably the world’s best female surfer, Bethany Hamilton.  You probably know Bethany as the pretty blonde surfer girl who survived a 2003 shark attack that took her arm, but that didn’t stop her from winning several world champion surf competitions (you probably also know about the movie based on her life, Soul Surfer – a.k.a my guilty pleasure movie- but that’s a different story).

What intrigued me most about meeting Bethany is how she hasn’t let the attack make really any kind of change to her life/the life she was supposed to lead.  That’s impressive, in my book…aside from also have THE most perfect shade of natural blonde hair I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what the soul surfer had to say…

Three Questions With Bethany Hamilton - Honestly Jamie

How did you get connected with Damon Braces back when you were 14?

It was actually through an orthodontist and, at the time, I couldn’t afford braces so he gifted them to me.  I’m still friends with him and his wife and go to his wife for dentistry work!  They’re really lovely people and he does a lot of seminars for orthodontic work.

What are your top three beauty products and why do you love them?

I love very simple virgin coconut oil; I like to do hair masks since I’m always in the elements (sun, salt, wind) with surfing and it really helps.  I also really love It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product. I’m always putting that in before I go in the ocean or if I have a lot of styling to do.  I also really love Epicuren Face Wash and Moisturizer.

What advice would you give yourself before your shark attack? (That you wish you knew before it happened)

Honestly, I feel like I have such great people in my life that inspire me in such beautiful ways.  My advice to myself beforehand would be to embrace all the travel.

Three Questions With Bethany Hamilton - Honestly Jamie

We just worked out so excuse the lack of makeup and frizzy hair.


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  2. Thanks for your article! My soon to be 13 year old niece, who hardly ever asks for anything, has asked for the surfing picture of Bethany Hamilton that is shown above. I’ve tried finding it online to buy as a poster or print but haven’t found it available. Is there any chance it can be purchased somewhere? Her birthday is in early March and it would be an inspiring part of her birthday gift. She would love to make her bedroom a surfer theme and she admires Bethany Hamilton’s courageous real life story. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

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