Three Questions With Eva Mendes

Three Questions With Eva Mendes- Honestly Jamie

Last week I got the chance to sit down the beautiful (seriously, she’s gorgeous) Eva Mendes to chat all about her new beauty line and, of course what advice she’d give her 22-year-old self…here’s what the superstar mom/business woman and Mrs. Ryan Gosling had to say:

Did you always want a makeup line? What inspired you to create one?

I get everything I need from a drugstore; I clean my house with vinegar and baking soda, you know?  I live a few blocks away from a Walgreens and I just felt like there was a space that wasn’t being occupied and I’m at a place where I didn’t want to buy beauty products at a drugstore- I did when I was younger because that was all I could afford but I was kind of like ‘why isn’t there an amazing quality product with beautiful packaging for the masses?’ That’s why I feel like (Circa) was a beautiful partnership in that way and it all came together at the right time.  But it does come from my need to buy everything in one place and get it at an affordable price…but have it also be beautiful.

What are your favorite Circa Beauty products?

My favorite is the Portofino Ultrasuede Cream Blush because, for me, I love a multi-purpose product and obviously it’s a cream blush but you can use it on your lips, you can use it on your lids, and lately because I haven’t slept much, I do need a color to give me a bit of color to make me look alive.  Another product I really love is the Magic Hour Illuminating Glow– this is where it’s at, too!  I do a little on my lids, my cheekbones…wherever you need some magic.

What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

It would be to not try to change myself and embrace the things that make me different.  Back then I’d be like ‘this is off, this is different’ and all of those things ended up really working for in the future as an actress.  Celebrate your uniqueness and it’s gonna work for you.  Celebrate instead of deny.

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