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Because you’ve seen her all over your Instagram and Snapchat, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock…

It’s not surprising that the most influential stylist in the world (seriously, ask The New York Times) launched her own hair care line, but it is surprising (at least to me) that after using her products in my hair, my blow out lasted THREE FULL DAYS. Guys, that NEVER happens for me (see blow out photo after the jump). Aside from the amazing scent of OUAI products, I am now officially obsessed with the quality and how well they work.  Naturally, I had to ask Jen three questions…ok, FOUR in this case, cause she’s awesome, and here’s what the stylist to the stars has to say.

Jen Atkin OUAI launch party- Honestly Jamie

me, Jen, Gaby at the OUAI launch party in West Hollywood

Q: What inspired you to create OUAI?

A: I’m a confused, over-stimulated consumer myself. Throughout my career, I’ve used every hair product on the market. I’ve spent years working around the globe talking to clients about hair care, listening to my followers and ManeAddicts.com readers. With a major lack of cool and curated products in the marketplace, I’ve struggled finding a hair care brand that my friends or I could relate to. Hair care has become so serious. With OUAI, I wanted to create a “breath of fresh [h]air”—a line for real life, for real women. Luxury products that are simple, affordable, and classic in a world full of loud noise. I didn’t want to work with a giant hair care company or make those elaborate, unrealistic advertising campaigns. I was lucky to partner with investors who understood my vision and collaborate with industry experts in design and formulation.  I have conversations daily with followers and stylists, and love all the feedback and input I get. I’m lucky to have my finger on the pulse and plan on evolving with our community.

Q: Do you have a favorite OUAI product?

A: I’m #OUAIaddicted to them all, but I’m really proud of the Treatment Masque. It’s literally a five minute hair makeover. With most masks, you’re expected to keep it in your hair for 30 minutes or longer to see the transformative effects, but this one will literally restore the shine and health of your hair in only five minutes, plus they come in easy to transport packettes that are perfect for throwing in the gym back or for on the go. I also almost always use the Wave Spray on every head of hair I do. It adds a nice texture to the hair, and gives that just out of the ocean finish without the dryness. Most ocean sprays are made with salt, which actually dries out your strands, but this is made out of rice protein which can create a similar texture, without the dryness.

Q: Aside from launching OUAI, what’s been your biggest career highlight and why? And what has been the lowest?

A: The highlight was working on my teenage idol, Gwen Stefani for the cover of the biggest fashion magazine, Vogue. It was definitely a pinch me moment in my career. The lowest has been all the time I spend away from my husband. We both travel for work a lot and it can be hard. I really value the time we do get to spend together.

Q: If you could give your 22-year old self any advice, what would it be?

A: Invest in Apple. Enjoy the time you have now because things will get real crazy real soon. Keep working hard and everything will fall into place.

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