Three Questions With Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad cinderella

When Lauren Conrad invites you to lunch, you GO…

Yesterday I had lunch with Lauren Conrad in honor of her new LC Lauren Conrad x Cinderella collection for Kohl’s and, my god, was it a gorgeous little luncheon.  If you saw my Instagram, you saw THIS shot of the vintage-y table setting and chocolate mice (hello, Cinderella theme) and THIS shot of the adorable DIY “glass” slippers that we did.  BTW, Lauren shopped for the DIY items herself at the flea market and brought us tons of lace, jewels, rhinestones and patches to decorate our LC Lauren Conrad scalloped ballet flats because she’s a fabulous host.  Thanks to Kohl’s, I was able to chat with Lauren for a few minutes, and here’s what I asked her:

Q: What is your favorite part about working with Kohl’s on all of your LC Lauren Conrad collections?

A: You know, Kohl’s has been a really great partner to me for years and I think the opportunities they bring are really amazing, and this new Disney Cinderella line is just one of those amazing opportunities.  For this collection, I really was inspired by the movie.  We watched the movie and pulled iconic imagery and went from there. We kind of wanted it to feel on-brand but a small departure and we wanted Cinderella to really live within the collection.

Lauren Conrad and Jamie Stone

Q: What was your favorite Disney movie growing up?

A: Cinderella was one of them; I was a big Disney fan.  I also really loved The Little Mermaid, I loved Peter Pan…but I REALLY loved Beauty and the Beast.

Q: What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

A: I mean, SO many things…but probably to not take things so seriously.  I think that when you’re younger things that aren’t as important feel like they are.

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478 thoughts on “Three Questions With Lauren Conrad

    • Hi Annie,

      Its all from her new Cinderella Kohl’s collection! There’s a link in the first sentence of my blog post 🙂

  1. Hi there! Thank you for your reply! I can’t seem to find the all white outfit Lauren has on in your pic on the website. Maybe it’s not up yet! (Hope so!) Thanks!!

    • Ohhh, so sorry. I thought you meant her outfit in the first photo. The white dress she has on (in the photo with me) isn’t on the site yet but it’s definitely from her collection! I’d keep checking back or maybe call a few Kohl’s stores in your area 🙂

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