Three Questions With Molly Sims

molly sims

Aside from having great taste (Molly told me that she reads my blog!), this Old Navy spokesperson is bubbly, super sweet and knows her beauty products…

Q: What made you want to partner with Old Navy?

A: I’ve worked with them as a spokesperson for three years now, but have worn Old Navy for probably 15 years…it’s just all about family and fun and they’re just such an amazing American company and I LOVE that.  I love that they do so many things in terms of charity and supporting people and it’s just all about family and coming together for the holidays.

Q: What are some of your best beauty secrets?

A: Always wash your face before you go to bed and do NOT wash your hair more than maybe three times a week!  Dry shampoo is a secret weapon.

Molly’s favorites:

Q: What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

A: Don’t be afraid of change. Do anything when someone asks you- whether it’s moving somewhere new, changing jobs, going to school, not going to school…just don’t be afraid of change.  As you get older you have more responsibility and you’re not as likely to take chances and risks so make sure you change, move, go when you’re young. Work hard and it will pay off later.

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