Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

Obviously everyone knows who Nicole Kidman is. She was infamously married to Tom Cruise, has been in dozens of critically acclaimed hit movies and, of course, most recently the c0-star and co-producer of HBO’s Big Little Lies (a personal favorite of mine, natch).  But when Neutrogena gave me the opportunity to sit down with their latest brand ambassador, I was super excited…one, because I’m a big fan and two, because she is VERY interested/an advocate of sun care…

Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

What are some of your beauty product favorites?

“Well Neutrogena sun care is an absolute must. I had been looking for a sun care brand to partner with for awhile and when Neutrogena came along I was excited. Aside from that, I’ve always love perfumes. I love scents. I make my own and I also love oils. I’m big into body oils and aromatherapy; I believe in the power of smell and what it can do for you and your psyche. I would go into the health food stores in Australia and seek out natural products and make my own oils, and I just loved doing that.”  As for her favorite body oil? Well, she changes them up a bit.  “I just love pure coconut oil for the hair and skin.  I grew up with that smell and it’s kind of sexy. And I really just like smelling good…and my husband likes smelling good. We’re a smell-good family.”

How do you find balance?

“I try to meditate every day- 20 minutes of mediation.  If I’m working I do it at lunchtime.  And everyone knows that I go.  I eat and I go meditate.  My mother got breast cancer when I was 17 and my father was a psychologist, and he started doing a lot of research into stress and cancer…and so that’s when we started meditating and it’s always been a big part of my life. My father was also a huge advocate of exercise. For me, I started exercising as a teenage girl, really kind of against my will, but I did it and it became part of my routine and who I am.”

What would you tell your twenty-something self?

“I would just say that there’s a long life ahead. Take care of yourself and know that you will make it to the age of 50 and beyond and you don’t have to worry so much.”

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