Three Questions With Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

You may have already read my review of the new adorable film About Time (out November 8th!), but I was also lucky enough to also interview the lovely Rachel McAdams.  Here are my three questions with the movie lead.

Q: If you could go back in time, what would you change?

A: I wouldn’t go back and paraglide.  I was thinking about that the other day, those mistakes you wouldn’t make again, yes.  No, that one, I really wouldn’t do that again, yes.  That was terrifying.

Q: What’s something that you’d want to relive?

A: My dad had to go away for work sometimes, and we recorded on our little Fisher Price recorder a tape for him to put in his truck when he was driving.  And we sang jingles from our favorite cartoons.  And they both had big spaces between their teeth when they were little.  And my brother, I’ll never forget this, singing Thunder Cats, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats.  And it was so cute.

Q: How did it feel to play a time traveler’s wife again?

A: Well, I didn’t know anything about time travel in this one, so…ignorance was bliss in this one.  It’s funny.  I don’t know what that’s about.  Subconsciously, I’m going towards time travel all the time but I’m never the time traveler.


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