to UGG or not to UGG

So I’m not going to lie, I’ve pretty much been anti-UGG boot since the beginning. I think going to college on Long Island was what spawned what is now a great hatred for an inanimate object. My cousin had ORANGE UGGs at one point (not lying)…and they’re even being sold for an insane amount of money on eBay by some crazy person in “middle of USA.”

Annnnyway, the point of my venting is that according to this WWD (for those fashion enept, Women’s Wear Daily– aka the NY Times of fashion) article, the UGG boot saved Christmas. Really? Thank god someone else takes case with this: one of my favorite sites, Fashionista.com, basically called out the fact that the only time you see people in New York (tourists don’t count) wearing UGGs is when it’s snowing and/or your going to Whole Foods in your pajamas. So then how in the world did the UGG boot save Christmas?! My guess is all those “middle of USA” people are still buying them?

I will admit that I was intrigued by the Cardy version in grey which I feel is not too stupid looking, like the rest of the line. And I don’t know…I also kind of like the chocolate brown “classic” version…but should I give in? Should I join the band wagon like what? five years later? This is still TBD. More later…

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