My New Mattress = My Best Sleep Ever

woman sitting on Tomorrow Sleep for a Review

Because this is hands-down the best mattress I’ve ever slept on…

(plus my new bed frame and bedding!)

Tomorrow Sleep Review mattress

When Tomorrow Sleep approached me about trying out their bed in a box I was, admittedly, a little skeptical. Not because the mattress didn’t seem amazing (it is), but mostly because I was nervous about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to “test” it out in person before getting it.  The thing is, after reading all the reviews on their site, I came to realize that this mattress (firm) is actually PERFECT for me, and here’s why…

woman sitting on a bed with two pillows

Tomorrow Sleep Review = My Best Sleep Ever

I decided to go from a queen to a California king because, why not? I have the space and I am now obsessed with my gigantic bed.  But as far as the mattress goes, here’s why it’s amazing:

Tomorrow mattresses are made of premium, temperature regulating memory foam on top and a gently stabilizing coil system beneath. Basically, it’s a combination of the two most popular mattress components to create the most comfortable sleep experience (being coil and memory foam).

I also really love that it’s temperature regulating because NOBODY likes a hot bed, am I right?  The hybrid design has a ventilated rail system designed to maintain a well-balanced climate for each sleeper in three ways:

  • Phase changing gel material incorporated into the top foam layers of the bed helps pull heat from your body (thank you)
  • Perforated outer-edge rails let air and heat escape through two sides
  • Wrapped coils allow air to flow through the base of the mattress

These are all really, really good things for a good night of sleep.

tomorrow sleep review smart bed

Another selling point for me is the fact that it’s a “smart bed.”

Yep, what isn’t controlled by your iPhone these days, right?  But what is a smart bed?  It’s a bed that can tell you how you sleep and how to improve your sleep. Seriously.

By purchasing and installing the Sleeptracker system and app, all you need to do is sleep on the bed and wait to receive advice on your sleep habits through your app or via email. You can even set the frequency of those emails (as often as daily). Personally, I love getting the daily emails and give myself a little pat on the back whenever my sleep score is above 85. Why 85? Well, that just feels right to me since it’s out of 100.

You just plug the little device (pictured above) into an outlet near your bed and apply two pad stickers underneath where you (and/or your partner) sleep so it can track you (or both of you).

I LOVE this feature. LOVE.

bed with four pillows and black headboard

black tufted bed frame | tassel Euro shams | white duvet with black border | Greek key shams | retro marble cell phone | cage lamps | blackout curtainsmirrored silver nightstands | Sudara Ella robe

And since I upgraded to a California king (I had a queen before), I also had to upgrade my bed frame, duvet and I also got some new pillows. How cute are these? My friend Annette found them for me and we both fell in love with the little black tassels.

Here’s the “before” of my bedroom.

By the way, if you want to give Tomorrow Sleep’s mattress in a box a whirl, they’re actually having a $100 off sale! It expires February 5th, so get shopping.

What do you guys think? Are you sold on the idea of a smart bed? Tell me your thoughts below 🙂



Photos by Michelle Kyle

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