TonyMoly I’m Real Broccoli Mask Sheet

TonyMoly I'm Real Broccoli Mask Sheet

Because when you think about broccoli you don’t usually think about putting it on your FACE…

TonyMoly I'm Real Broccoli Mask Sheet

This sheet mask obsession that I have is really just getting started, guys.  The latest?  TonyMoly I’m Real Broccoli Mask.  Broccoli is one of those vegetables that most kids (and some adults) really don’t like but I was one of those weird little kids that LOOOVED broccoli; raw, cooked…it didn’t matter.  And to this day, chicken with broccoli is still my go-to order at any Chinese restaurant so yeah, you can imagine I was curious when I saw this broccoli-infused sheet mask.

So what makes it work?  Broccoli is nutrient and vitamin rich and full of Vitamins A and C. It’s known as a “superfood,” if you will, so this mask delivers all the nutrients that eating would do directly into your skin.  After wearing it for about 20 minutes, my skin felt intensely hydrated and refreshed, which is really just awesome.

Oh, and read about the tomato version of this face mask here.

TonyMoly I'm Real Broccoli Mask Sheet


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