Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

This story about how a Fashionista editor went high-end shopping in sweats made me crack up…the results aren’t surprising – Fashionista.com

My Lisa Frank obsession lives on! – Brit.co

Speaking of old school, Roopika breaks out the vintage Fashion Plates with her daughter! I used to LOVE these – ByRoopikaMalhotra.com

My friend Annie started a new blog, TheGlowHow.com, (so check it out) and I’m already obsessed with her post on self esteem for teen girls, via InstagramTheGlowHow.com

I don’t consider myself a “bitch,” but I definitely DO follow these rules…and so should you – TheLuxurySpot.com

THIS quinoa burrito bowl is everything. I could eat it every day and die happy – ABeautifulMess.com

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