Two cleansing oils you should try (no matter what your skin type is)


Because oil cleansers are good for EVERY skin type and I love these two…

I’ve been trying to debunk the whole “you can’t use an oil-based cleanser if you have oily skin” myth for years. YEARS, guys.  Here’s the deal: the oil used in these cleansers wash away dirt and impurities but it doesn’t just sink immediately into your skin, so you don’t have to worry that it will cause break outs (I promise).  I have dry skin but I’ve heard from many, many friends who have oily skin that they actually LOVE their oil cleansers so definitely give it a try…and here are two of my current favorites:

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil Botanical Cleansing Oil: This baby is a lightweight oil that changes (with water) to a cleansing milk – love.  The liquid then dissolves makeup, impurities and debris immediately off your skin (it’s seriously fast) and your skin is left feeling squeaky clean.  I also love that it’s enriched with primrose oil, omega 6 and lavender oil, making it perfect for nighttime with its calming affects.

Amy Nadine Camellia Cleansing Oil: Leave it up to my girl Amy Nadine to create a deliciously fabulous camellia-based cleansing oil!  Just like the Kiehl’s version, this cleansing oil is suitable for all skin tyes and removes makeup, oil and impurities.  The camellia (and grapeseed oil) ingredients help with moisturization and generally just making your skin silky smooth.  Oh, and the scent is a mixture of orange and lemon peel oil so I love this one for morning or daytime cleansing to really wake me up!

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