Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back?

So I was thinking about how I used to think that I was just like Jessica Simpson– no not in the ditzy air-head way, but in the way that we both seemed to be attracted to our complete opposites. I used to look at Jessica and Nick as hope that I might find my “right opposite”—in a sense that my “right opposite” would actually appreciate me and love every part of me the way I deserve to be loved.(I’m feelin sappy tonight) I’ve had a lot of experience with guys judging me based on superficial things–similar to what Jessica seemed to have gone through with Nick.
Jessica and Nick gave me hope that I wouldn’t be looked at as “snobby” for liking designer things or “immature” for enjoying the occassional drunken night at the bar. But now I see that maybe opposites aren’t so good after all…even watching Newlyweds, you could see the frustration in Nick- but you could also see that he obviously love(d) her as well. I genuinely feel bad for both of them but especially for Jessica. She gave up her early 20’s for him- he was older and had already experienced college…she never had her “crazy time” like the rest of us. But you know what? At least I know it’s not just me…

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