Gift Guide: 11 Unique Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

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Because it’s important to Shop Small always…

Happy Small Business Saturday!  As someone who has several small businesses (lol but it’s true), I know first hand how important it is to support.  Honestly, these posts are always hard to put together because there are truly SO MANY amazing small business gift options, especially on sites like Etsy and Uncommon Goods.  Here are my absolute faves right now; every one of these 11 gifts are just so fun and unique.  Enjoy!

11 Unique Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

planner as Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

A daily planner to organize your life (without stressing you out)

Obviously I couldn’t write a small business gift guide without including my very own, The Progress Over Perfection Planner!  I’m so happy that so many of you have already grabbed one, but for those who are still wavering/considering getting one as a holiday gift, here’s why it’s pretty amazing…

The Progress Over Perfection planner is a 6-month, undated, daily planner to help you organize your life and increase your productivity (without feeling overwhelmed and/or like a failure).

+ Design your days and manage them (well). Every day gets its own page in the Progress Over Perfection planner.  There is space for you to write: what you are grateful for, your daily affirmation, your daily schedule, your top six tasks for the day, your meals for the day, a daily habit tracker, and your fitness/self-care.  Your work and personal priorities are in CLEAR VIEW, along with your daily schedule, which will help you prioritize your day and time.

Here’s what’s inside…

+ Important dates. Write them all down in one place (on one page at the front of the planner) so you don’t forget.

+ Your yearly bucket list. Keep track of everything you want to do for these six months/this year on the yearly bucket list page.

+ Month at-a-glance.  If you’re someone who likes to visually see your month planned out, this monthly section is for you.

+ Weekly inspiration reminders.  At the start of every week, you’ll get a new “reminder” that I know will inspire you for the week ahead.

+ Weekly check-in.  At the end of every week, there’s a space to recap your week where you will write down what you’ve accomplished, learned, memories created, challenges, etc.

+ Your running to-do list.  Didn’t finish everything on your list?  Have a project you want to start next month and don’t want to forget?  That’s OK, and this space is for you.  And, please remember, there’s no shame in having to move something to a different day.  Progress OVER perfection, right?

+ Blank pages. We included six blank pages for anything you might need to record that doesn’t have an assigned space in this daily planner.

The Progress Over Perfection Planner, $45

charm candle as Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

A charm candle

As someone who has always loved candles, I have a special place in my heart for candles that smell great and also give you a little gift at the end.  This charm candle has hints of honeysuckle, magnolia and jasmine and, of course, you also get three special HART charms that will emerge from within the wax as you melt the candle.  The soy wax candles are hand-poured using the finest natural oils and fragrances.

Hart Hagerty Charm Candle, $58

lucky horseshoe as Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

A lucky horseshoe

A super unique decorative gift that’s not just for horse lovers.  Horseshoes have long been considered lucky since they were originally made from iron, a material that was believed to ward off evil spirits.  They are also traditionally held in place on the horse’s hoof with seven nails – seven being a lucky number.  I love that these horseshoes are up-cycled into beautiful wall decor (which is great for the planet), but I also really love these as a great gift for anyone who needs some extra luck.

Lucky Shoe Boutique Up-cycled Horseshoes, $28 each

cat and dog bows as Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

Adorable dog (and cat!) bows for a good cause

A repeat from my list last year, but for good reason!  In 2017, teenage Sir Darius was moved by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and wanted to do his part to help. Learning that some rescue dogs were being transferred from the devastation in Texas and Puerto Rico to the ASPCA in NYC, Sir Darius thought of a unique way to use his passion to create bow ties to help displaced dogs look dapper and adorable. This helps them stand out so they can get adopted faster into fur-ever homes.

During his visit at the adoption center, Sir Darius learned that hundreds of dogs are euthanized daily and was devastated to learn this horrific reality. As a dog lover, this started Sir Darius’ “PAW-SOME” mission to help save shelter pets lives by donating his handmade bow ties to animal shelters across the nation.

Sir Darius has used his platform to help raise over $300,000 to support animal shelters, helps sponsor adoption fees, and donates to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to sponsor a Puppy Wish. He also gives thousands of bow ties to shelters and adoption centers across the USA, United Kingdom, and Thailand. The PAW-SOME Mission has helped countless shelter pets find loving fur-ever families and homes.  For every bow tie purchased, Sir Darius donates a bow tie to a shelter pet.

A few favorites: The gingerbread man print, holiday argyle, and this print that looks appropriate for Hanukkah.

Beaux & Paws bows, $25 each

woman wearing black lingerie

Sustainable and super cute lingerie

Lingerie can make any woman feel sexy and this little lace bra is not only sexy AF, but it’s also super comfortable.

They also have a Black Friday deal! Use code BLACK25 for 25% off site-wide.

A few other favorites: The Soft Stretch Undies are LIFE.  I also love the Date Night Thong Bundle.

Behind Closed Drawers Dahlia Lace Bra, $59

Salt bath

Relaxing bath salts

These bath salts are just so chic and smell SO GOOD.  The gift set makes for a perfect gift for anyone who has a bath tub in their house.  All three blends are made with detoxifying Dead Sea salt, which is enhanced with carefully-chosen essential oils and botanicals to relieve tension, lower stress, and replenish the body.

As a bonus, with every product you purchase from BEING, you help teach a foster child the importance of self-care.  BEING’s founder is a former foster youth and created BEINGfostered as a way to give back.  They have made a commitment to donate a portion of every product sold to non-profit organizations that cultivate self-efficacy in current/alumni foster youth through programs/services that celebrate their resilience and provides resources to assist them in becoming independent and self-sufficient.  How awesome is that?

BEING Bath Salts Gift Set, $56 (also available on Amazon)

woman taking a selfie with a horse

The gift of communicating with your pets (alive and/or deceased!)

I’ve now had three sessions with Lilly and I can’t even tell you how helpful she has been at helping me communicate with not only my current cats (Gemma and Gea), but also with my childhood cat Angel, who passed away 11 years ago in December.  I can’t believe it’s been that long!  Lilly is the real deal (you can listen to Lilly on my podcast HERE), and gifting someone (or yourself!) a session with her is such a cool gift for any animal lover.

Lilly Ludwig Animal Intuitive, prices vary

Game of Phones Card game

A fun game to play with your family

I just bought this game for me to play with my nephew this Christmas. It honestly sounds so fun and obviously anything with our phones will attract those Gen Zers, haha.  The game itself is a digital scavenger hunt of sorts.  You draw a prompt card and see who’s the fastest at creating an emoji masterpiece, showing off the last photo they took, or finding the weirdest image search result for their name.

Game of Phones, $25

woman wearing Sequin x Pretty Connected Evil Eye Charm

A beautiful charm necklace

I will never be over this absolutely gorgeous evil eye charm. This is from my friend Lara’s collab with Sequin and it really is the perfect gift.  This 22k gold plated charm is donned with Swarovski crystals and you can add it to Pretty Connected’s 18.5″ Nikki Mini Chain or 20″ Lara Paperclip Chain.

Sequin x Pretty Connected Evil Eye Charm, $76

Custom crayon name set

THIS is the cutest gift for kids. Period. End of story.  I wish my nephew wasn’t past his crayon phase cause I know anything customized like this was always a hit!

Custom crayon name set, $16-$32 (depending on letters)

A chic octopus

Everything you see on Cailini’s Coastal site is going to be gorgeous but I was absolutely drawn to this chic little octopus (it also comes in silver).  Personally, I find that giving unique gifts like this are always a hit.

A few other favorites: This Ruffle Three Bowl Server, and this Boxwood Wreath Gilded Oyster Shell Ornament.

Cailini Coastal Octopus Shelf Sculpture, $168


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