Video: February Favorites (+ a giveaway!)

My February favorites video is live! It’s always crazy how short this month and it’s also slightly hilarious that my last video was January favorites. 🙂  Make sure you watch until the end to find out how to enter my giveaway!

5 thoughts on “Video: February Favorites (+ a giveaway!)

  1. I love ogx products and have been wanting to try a new set but am so indecisive with all of their options. I also have dry, fine hair so this review helps a lot!

  2. Another wonderful video! I love your videos they really are detailed. I love learning about new beauty products by you because you personally try them and give your honest opinion> I have never used Physician Formula products so I was happy to see & hear your thoughts on them. Follower on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and shared.

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