Video: My final Women’s ROGAINE Foam Check In!


As you guys know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE (and video #2), and today I’m sharing my final video with this project though, I’m sure, you will be hearing lots more from me on the subject of fine hair and hair loss.

It’s now been six months since I started using the new Women’s ROGAINE Foam and I’m seriously loving the results, which also means that I’ll be continuing to use the product so I can keep up all the hair growth!

Check out my video (above) for my final thoughts on the subject matter but, overall, I think the journey to hair-regrowth can summed up in two words: consistency and patience.

Hair, at any thickness, takes a long time to grow but the only way to see good results is to actually use the product as directed- one time per day, day or night.

Let me know what you guys think- will you try it out after hearing me preach? 🙂

Thank you to Women’s ROGAINE for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, as per usual.

photo by Salvador Camarena

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