Video: Sheet Mask Secrets

Because I have a new video explaining the mystery that IS sheet masks…

If you read this blog regularly then you know I love myself a sheet mask, haha. Most of the time I use them just for an instant boost of hydration or, in some cases, because they’re funny-looking, but in THIS case I was intrigued by Nuvesse’s Firming & Anti-Aging Regimen Kit. Since sheet masks are usually a one-off (i.e. you’re one and done), it was interesting to me that the brand sells their sheet masks as a monthly system, along with a Serum Roller for boosted anti-aging benefits.

Check out the video above to learn a thing or two about sheet masks and also find out WHY Nuvesse’s sheet masks are currently in my regimen.

FYI, I’ll be using their regimen for the next month and will be doing another update soon on how my skin is looking!

Thanks to Nuvesse for partnering on this post

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