VIDEO: My West Hollywood Apartment Tour

VIDEO: My West Hollywood Apartment Tour

This video is looooong overdue but I’m glad it’s finally here!  You probably saw the photo tour of my apartment (and I hope you also saw the green dresser DIY), but I always feel like things really pop in video form; plus you also get to hear my ramblings about certain pieces and why it was chosen, haha.

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Links for every product featured can be found HERE.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve made a few updates to my West Hollywood Apartment since this video was shot!  Next week I have two posts that show my new bed (it’s THE BEST- seriously). Also, a collab with a professional organizer! Yep, that’s right, what my bathroom/product closet looks like in this video is no more :). It’s honestly and truly amazing so make sure to check back to see the changes…

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