A walking and wellness retreat with Vionic

vionic shoes at miraval

Truth be told, ever since I moved to the west coast I really, truly and honestly miss the act of WALKING…

It seems like such a simple thing; It’s something most people do every day and don’t even think about, but I really believe that my lack of walking was a huge factor in my 15 lb. weight gain when I first moved to LA. True story.  I’ve noticed, as I get older, that it’s not quite as “natural” as it used to be. I’m sure part of that feeling is just because I simply don’t walk as much but the other part is that the foot is a tricky thing…

vionic eval

Vionic shoes was nice enough to invite me on a press trip to the exclusive Miraval Resort in Tuscon, Arizona where we treated to wellness and spa treatments and, most interestingly, a foot evaluation with Dr. Phil Vasyli.  Now, because I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, I love any and all kinds of medical evaluations, especially since the foot is connected to SO MANY health issues that people have (e.g. heel, knee and back pain, for starters).  We all learned so much about our own feet,including the fact that I have a low arch and when I placed a Vionic orthaheel underneath my foot I swear to god, I stood up about a half inch taller- NO JOKE.  My posture was instantly better and I had less stress on my knees, which often get achy after a tough workout.

Check out this page for some more information on Vionic’s awesome technology, which is actually built right into their own shoes!

And now, of course, some gorgeous photos of the Miraval Resort…


The Miraval labyrinth

miraval scenery

Arizona is quite gorgeous

miraval landscape

FTC Disclosure: Vionic shoes paid for my trip to Miraval Resort in Tuscon, Arizona but I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Honestly Jamie possible!

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