Vote for Bryce Gruber as the new face of Dunkin Donuts!

So you may have read my anti-Patti Stanger post where I defended my friend Bryce Gruber.  Well Bryce has moved on from Patti and her drama and onto DUNKIN DONUTS.  Yes, you read that right.  Bryce has a new dream and I feel that it’s my friendly duty to support her and help her reach for the stars!  Bryce Gruber wants to be the new face of D&D.  Why?  Well the girl loves her some donuts, ok?  Isn’t that reason enough?

Wanna help Bryce?  Just sign the petition on THIS PAGE.  If she reaches 1,000 signatures before February 14th and becomes the new face of Dunkin Donuts, she promies to give everyone who signed the petition before February 14th a free $5 gift card to Dunkin.  It’s win-win, really.  Sign right now!

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