Weekend To-Do

Charlize-Theron-MermaidGet excited for something. For me, I’m excited for the real-life The Little Mermaid movie, directed by Sofia Coppola (image via TheLuxurySpot.com)

Desk-to-Dinner-or-Drinks-Work-Outfit-600x899All black everrrrythang, according to me.  Try a black on black on black combo with just one pop of color (image via BowsandSequins.com)

IMG_8231-copyThis healthy version of lasagna (with no pasta!) is just effing amazing. Try it (image via Inspiralized.com)

untitled-6Try reorganizing your shelves for a fresh shelf look (image via Refinery29.com)

fresh flowersTry putting some fresh flowers in a gift bag (image via ACupOfMai.com)

words of wisdomWords to remember always (image via TheBestUnexpected.com)

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