Weekend To-Do

cheetah bathroom

Give your bathroom a spring makeover and, of course, a cleaning (image via StyleatHome.com)

nude lip

Try a nude lip like I wore at my Jouer Spring Sirens photo shoot with Troy Jensen (image via HonestlyJamie.com)

skillet cookie

Treat yo’ self to a skillet cookie. They’re easier to make than you think! (image via ABeautifulMess.com)

urban planters

Plant something and make yourself a promise that you’ll do your best to actually keep it alive! (image via NiceThings.com)

spring playlist

Make a new playlist for spring, and make it a good one (image via blog.FreePeople.com)

OTTE little black dress

Never underestimate the power of a little black dress when you feel like you have NOTHING to wear (image via StripesandSequins.com)

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