What Is The Best Drugstore Primer? I’ve got answers.

The Best Drugstore Primer

Because you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a good makeup primer…

I’ve blogged before about how I’m totally sold on primers, but that wasn’t always the case.  For years I was like “meh, an extra step. Pass,” but then I tried a few and noticed that not only did my foundation look smoother and more natural on my face. But it also lasted WAY longer with no cracks or smudging.

That said, there are some really fancy AF primers out there. But, personally, I don’t think you need to spend tons of money on a makeup primer when so many drugstore brands make really, really good primers that actually work.  My favorites below are good for any skin type (combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc.). And I promise that they’ll help your foundation looks insanely flawless.

The Best Drugstore Primer

What Is The Best Drugstore Primer

The Best Drugstore Primer

Almay Skin Perfecting Comfort Care Primer

Almay Skin Perfecting Comfort Care Primer

Almay Skin Perfecting Comfort Care Primer:

I tried this $13 primer at the brand’s event a few months ago and was instantly impressed.  It feels super hydrating, lightweight and silky on the skin. And, of course, it also prolongs your makeup.  This baby is actually makeup meets skincare, in my opinion, since it’s formulated with glycerin to hydrate and plump, bicosome to improve the look of your skin. Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to even out your skin’s texture (in addition to helping with fine lines).  As a bonus, the packaging is made with post-consumer recycled materials, which is why it’s my number one favorite. 🙂

Other Top Rated Drugstore Primers

Covergirl TrueBlend Base Business Moisturizing Skin Primer

Covergirl TrueBlend Base Business Moisturizing Skin Primer:

This lightweight yet super moisturizing primer actually contains coconut water for immediate hydration. (Like you really do feel it instantly.) I also love the way it smooths and blurs away imperfections, setting you up for a perfect skin canvas pre-makeup.

Revlon Prime Plus Brightening

Revlon Prime Plus Brightening + Skin-Tone Evening Primer:

Another makeup meets skincare primer, this version is a favorite since it not only preps your skin for makeup, but it also helps your skin over time.  Formulated with vitamin C, lactic acid and lemon extract, this primer glides on smooth and legit instantly gives you brighter skin.  In fact, the brand claims that after four weeks you will notice a difference in the appearance of discoloration and a boost in an even-toned complexion with radiance and luminosity.

Revlon Prime Plus Brightening + Skin-Tone Evening Primer


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5 thoughts on “What Is The Best Drugstore Primer? I’ve got answers.

  1. I don’t use foundation because I don’t know how to apply it! Lol!

    Do you think primers are beneficial for those of us that just use a little powder?

    • That’s a good question. Typically I’d say no BUT, that said, sometimes powder can get a little dry and crack on your face (depending) so applying a primer first would definitely prevent that! Also, foundation is a lot easier than you would think. I actually apply my favorite It Cosmetics foundation the same way I apply moisturizer to my face, haha. I wrote about it in the link below under “makeup”

  2. Hi,my name is Becky and i am 52yrs old with blonde hair & am very fair skined with combination skin (more on the oily side) with tinea versicolor on the sides of my face & neck also with adult acne. I live down south in Texas where it’s very hot, humid & salty air. Please help guide me in finding the right full coverage foundation , moisturizer & primer , that doesn’t look like I have on a ton of make-up & won’t slide off my face.

    • Hi Becky!

      My absolute favorite (that sounds like it would be a good fit for you as well) is the It Cosmetics CC Cream. This is the oil-free matte version (great for oily skin but I can use it too!): https://bit.ly/2AweO5g

      Let me know what you think. I’ve never met anyone who isn’t instantly obsessed 🙂

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