What to buy from the Sephora Spring Savings Event

woman wearing eye mask from Sephora Spring Savings Event

Because it’s the big Sephora Spring Savings Event…

It’s that time of the year again!  Starting tomorrow, April 1st (aka my late father’s birthday), you can get 10-20% off during the Sephora Spring Savings Event sale.  I decided to post this a day early so that you guys can prep for the sale, not to mention Friday will be a hard day for me and I wanted to be able to relax.  The 1st would’ve been his 75th birthday…a big one, you know?  I’m happy that I’ll be distracted with my egg freezing injections (more about that over on IG!), and lots of TV time.

A few highlights from Sephora 2022 Spring Savings Event:

  • The gold under-eye masks that I’m wearing above.
  • This teal-colored cold pore face mask is EVERYTHING you need in life. It feels cool on the skin and shrinks your pores.
  • The two foundations that I’ve converted so many people to start using: HERE and HERE
  • You know I rave and rant about these peel pads – use them when you want to feel like you just had a facial but didn’t.
  • This scalp and body scrub from OUAI (that smells like a fancy heaven, btw) is a must for you and also makes a great gift!
  • So I recently tried Rare Beauty and I’ve been super impressed so far – full review coming soon but I’m already in love with their luminizing highlighter.
  • Oh, and in more newness, I just bought two items from Gwen Stefani’s new makeup line, GXVE, cause you guys KNOW how much I love Gwen (the time I interviewed her HERE).
  • Lastly, if you’re a baller then you need this.
Here’s the breakdown for this year’s Sephora Spring Savings Event:

ROUGE (20% off): April 1 – April 11

VIB (15% off): April 5 – April 11

INSIDER (10% off): April 7 – April 11






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