Who Doesn’t Love an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

So, as you may have noticed, ugly sweater parties are becoming more and more popular each holiday season (or at least with the 1/4 life crisisers). It’s a fun way to mock middle Americans who actually buy said ugly sweaters AND let’s face…anything ironic is pretty funny. I was invited to an “ugly Christmas sweater/bad decisions” party and I thought “hey, fun! Finding an ugly sweater in Manhattan should be no prob.” WRONG. I started at Kmart.com and saw a good selection of holiday ugliness…however, I didn’t have enough time to wait for it to get here so I stopped by the K-Mart in Astor Place after work. I was shocked to see that the tiny selection that was left was only in sizes 2X and 3X. GREAT. My next stop was Goodwill. I asked the man with the crazy eyes behind the counter and he laughed and said “good luck…I think a lady found one in the basement.” I was so NOT going to this supposed “basement” that I couldn’t even find the entrance to.

Ok, getting desperate now. I put out a facebook status message asking for help. Weird enough, this girl I went to high school with (and never actually speak to) took a real interest in helping me on my journey to ugly sweaterness. She suggested eBay or a vintage shop like Screaming Mimis. Problems- AGAIN- eBay would be great but no time for shipping and Screaming Mimis?! Really? I’m not paying $200 for this crap.

Last stop/resort – Filene’s Basement in Union Square. After scouring the store, I found a Christmas snowman pajama set that was indeed, quite hideous. I picked this up just in case there wasn’t anything else. I then see the mecca of all things ugly…the 70% sweater area. I had a brilliant idea that I could buy a hideous jaguar print cardigan for $20 and then hot glue dollar store Christmas crap to it. I’d call it “an ugly Christmas in North Jersey.” Brilliant! No one could possibly beat me for creativity, at the very least. Then, on my way to the register, I spotted a black sweater…with a gigantic beaded Santa face on it (surrounded by more beading). OK, of course I spot this AFTER my brilliant idea. Downside- this Santa monstrosity sells for $50. I was lost. I bought both (obvs after checking on their return policy) and then resorted to asking my roommates to make the final decision.

and the verdict….SANTA ALL THE WAY. I figure I can definitely save this for all the future ugly parties I’ll be attending. I’ll post a pic on Sunday but in the meantime, create your OWN ugly sweater with this ingenious little Web site and read all about this new revolution of ugliness at one of my favorite sites…aaaah, who’s in the holiday spirit?!

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