Why I Love to Hate the Genius’ at SCOOP

So if you live in NYC, you’ve definitely seen a girl carrying one of these around- the infamous SCOOP bag. See, the evil genius’ that work at SCOOP decided it would be an amazing marketing idea to produce bags bags that are thicker and more sturdy than an ordinary shopping bag, therefore inclining people to keep them and re-use them as a tote bag or beach bag (as shown with Britney Spears).

Here’s the thing- 1- I have enough shit in my apartment. Why does SCOOP have to make me feel guilty for throwing the bag out? Really, this is all their fault and I shouldn’t feel guilty at all because THEY are the ones spending an excessive amount of money to make these bags. 2- I kind of hate SCOOP anyway. Their clothes are semi-boring and definitely over-priced. Anyway, I refuse to keep any more than one SCOOP bag…and I don’t care who knows it!

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