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 If you follow me on Instagram, read People.com OR read People magazine, then you (finally!) know about the “big project” that I’ve been alluding to: I’m the new Brand Ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE!

 You can watch the video below for a short run-down on why I’m really excited to try their new Foam formulation over the next six months, but I also wanted to share exactly how I got to this point.

I started noticing that my hair was getting really thin in 2009 and I, in true form, completely panicked. I went to a trichologist (e.g. a doctor that specializes in scalp and hair health) and he basically told me I had to two three things (Dr. Perrault is amazing, by the way- can’t recommend him enough)

1: Eat more protein: I was only eating it once a day, at that time, which is terrible.

2: Take iron supplements: we did blood work and found out I have a slight iron deficiency, which often contributes to hair loss

3: Use Women’s ROGAINE: This, for me, was the most surprising because I used to think ROGAINE was only for balding old men. Dr. Perrault informed me that his patients see AMAZING results from the consistent use of ROGAINE and told me it was definitely the way to go, but because I’m always honest with you guys, I fully admit I didn’t follow the directions when I used ROGAINE in the past…mostly because you had to use it twice a day, and I’m too lazy for that.

WR product shot- in hand



WR squirt in hand

Enter present day: I come to find out that the NEW Women’s ROGAINE Foam is SO much easier to use and way more effective. Here’s why I decided to document my hair journey with the brand over the next six months:

1: It has 5% Minoxidil: Hello, the former version had way less than that.

2: You only have to use it ONE TIME PER DAY (!): Pretty self explanatory but, yeah, this is exciting news because now it actually works really well into my hair styling routine.

3: I can decide between morning or night (AND dry or towel-dried hair!): I usually like to use the Foam at night but sometimes my schedule changes and I really love the fact that I can also use it in the morning AND my hair can be either totally dry or towel-dried.

WR product shot-bathtub

balloon 2

So, like I’ve been preaching, I’m pretttty excited to document the next six months as I try out the new formulation of Women’s ROGAINE, and I’m even more excited to share my results (fingers crossed for some awesome baby hair coming in around month three!)


Photo credit: Salvador Camarena

FTC Disclosure: I’m being compensated as a brand ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE but all opinions are my own, as per usual. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Honestly Jamie possible!

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