You Need This: Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream

restorsea eye creamI can’t begin to tell you that I don’t even believe myself right now when I tell you this: if you’re going to use an eye cream, you need THIS ONE by Restorsea.  I’ll be honest when I say that I’m not always as consistent as I should be with this stuff, e.g. using Retinol every night, applying eye cream, etc. which is exactly WHY I’m insanely impressed after just a few uses of the Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream.  My skin is in pretty good condition to start but, at 30, I’ve definitely noticed some fine lines (aka crow’s feet) around my eyes and they were starting to bother me a bit.  I’ve been using this eye cream for just about two weeks and, guys, I swear the lines are basically gone.  Here’s the back story on Restorsea’s technology, according to Style.com:

Three years ago, Dr. Runhild Gammelsaeter made a shocking discovery. While observing workers at one of Norway’s many salmon hatcheries, the researcher noticed that their hands were incredibly youthful—smooth, even in tone, and startlingly devoid of age spots or wrinkles. It led her to start a biotech company that found a special enzyme released by Atlantic salmon during the hatching process that increased elasticity and hydration levels in skin while accelerating cellular turnover.  Shortly after this, former Avon exec and beauty industry veteran Patricia Pao noticed the same phenomenon that Gammelsaeter did when on a chance tour of Norway’s largest salmon hatchery; Pao then spent months researching a similar enzyme, after which she teamed up with a different marine bio-tech company in Oslo to develop an even more active form of the ingredient. The ingredient has been extracted from the hatching waste water along with eggshell fragment proteins and amniotic fluid, to create a super-charged skin-correcting agent. Naming the complex Vibransea, and bolstering it with vitamin C to brighten the complexion, and brown algae, which enhances moisturization and reduces the inflammation that can lead to the physical signs of aging, Pao launched Restorsea—a pared-down line of two products: the über-rich Rejuvenating Day Cream and the Revitalizing Eye Cream, that also contains wild oats to calm irritation and citrus-derived hesperidin to increase circulation and reduce dark circles.  The line has since expanded to also include a serum, night cream, day lotion with SPF 30, cleanser, finishing mist, etc., and I can NOT wait to try them all.



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  3. Good eye cream for fine lines?I am 40 and as far as wrinkles go my skin still looks great: I have nitoced some fine lines forming around my eyes though and I am looking for a great eye cream to use. I have tried several different kinds, but so far nothing really has impressed me too much. I don’t have a problem with bags or dark circles, just those tiny little fine lines we all have to look forward to one day. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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