Tuesday Web Candy

Jamie Stone and Nadine Jolie at VMAs

Fake hair had a BIG (literally) moment at the VMAs on Sunday. And speaking of fake hair, check out mine here and here. - NYMag.com

I’m loving this roundup of The Glitter Guide’s favorite American-made products, in honor of Labor Day – TheGlitterGuide.com

Care packages = a college student’s dream – BuzzFeed.com

How to stop being a tired mess on Mondays…reading this at least 5 times – Refinery29.com

I LOVE Chipotle but these people love Chipotle just a LITTLE BIT too muchTheLuxurySpot.com

I LOVE Etsy but it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Catherine’s Etsy Elite series is always a favorite of mine – TheLifeStyledBlog.com


Three Questions With Joe Zee

Joe Zee

1. What motivated you to team up with QVC for Styled by Joe Zee?

I’ve always loved everything that QVC stood for. I love the idea that I could bring all the incredible trends that I see on the runway, on the streets, on the red carpet and break it down in a wearable, stylish way for women everywhere and be able to dress women around the country of all ages and sizes. That was important to me that smart, stylish clothes be available for everyone.


Tuesday Web Candy

teen spirit deodorant

The image on this post reminded me of the fact that I used to use Teen Spirit deodorant in high school. Amazing - Rouge18.com

So this is pretty awesome…NCLA launched a new app where you can upload your Instagram photos and make custom nail wraps – iTunes.com

Get Beyonce’s skirt. Done deal – TheBudgetBabe.com

If you have a ton of USB cords, this Aphrodite USB hub is pretty awesome – Domino.com

Jenny’s engagement party photos are to die for. So gorgeous – MargoandMe.com

Big news! You can download the ebook version of Shauna’s new book (out next month!) - PennyChic.com