Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

mario badescu drying lotion skincare When I first saw this product I thought “no…that can’t be. Can it?  Is that Calamine Lotion in there with the salicylic acid?”  Yes, yes it is.  Let’s take it back a minute to a time when young Jamie was constantly covered in either bug bites or poison ivy because, yeah, that was my reality.  My parents stockpiled Calamine lotion which, by the way, is BRIGHT PINK and, now that I think about it, the fact that I was always covered in pink dots may be a big contributor to my affliction to the color, but I digress. The MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION is pretty amazing at not only calming the itch out of mosquito bites (and it DOES do that, trust), but the formulation of calamine mixed with salicylic acid and other acne-fighting ingredients really gets rid of whiteheads FAST.


Makeup and photos with a master

jamie stone retouched 700

When my friends at Jouer Cosmetics offered me the chance to become an ICONIC MUSE for celebrity makeup artist and photographer, Troy Jensen, I jumped at the chance.  If you’re like me and you’re obsessed with the beauty industry, then you KNOW of Troy and his work with celebs like Miranda Kerr, Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel McAdams and more, and I mean…I wasn’t about to scoff at annny of that.  So, here’s how it went down…

We were told to bring a few pieces of clothing to wear for the shoot and, naturally, all I brought was my beloved Bebe motorcycle jacket and nothing else.  Now, normally I wouldn’t have been such a jerk but I was scheduled for the second day of this epic shoot and I happened to see tons of Instagram photos from other beauty bloggers doing the same thing, all of which showed the most gorgeous sparkly pastel and white gowns that Jouer got for us to wear during the shoot.  Since I’m so not the sparkly pastel dress kind of girl, I thought it might be fun to throw a little black moto over it and go for the punk princess kind of look.  Luckily Troy was into it and, in fact, had this reaction:

“You…Brigitte Bardot. Yes!”

(which was achieved by the genius Nikki Lee and her team of 901 Salon)

Jamie Stone 3

Full disclosure: the first photo was retouched, but guys…I’m also posting a few of my favorite photos and some behind-the-scenes shots that are totally untouched (like the one directly above).  As much as I love the idea of perfection, I’m a big believer in the #NotPhotoshopped movement because, honestly, the photos are gorgeous even with out the magic airbrush.

Here are more of my untouched faves and behind-the-scenes shots from the most amazing photo shoot ever:


Weekend To-Do



paint splatter DIY eggs

DIY some eggs for Easter! I love this list with 100 (yes actually 100) super simple ideas (image via Brit.co)

jamie stone for jouer

Do a mini photo shoot of yourself in an outfit you adore.  I did one today with Jouer Cosmetics and I can’t wait to share more photos with you all next week!

date nightI love the idea of having a “date night.”  Even if you’re single (like me), have a date night with the girls (image via GrasieMercedes.com)


Why are Some men are afraid of Rogaine? Let’s Discuss.

carrie bradshaw rogaine

Over the past few years I’ve had numerous guy friends complain to me about their receding hair lines, and when I suggest they start using ROGAINE, the reaction is always the same: “No way, I’ll just deal with it.”  What a typical male response, no?

“But…I don’t get it…you can STOP the balding from happening,” I’ll say back, and still, the answer is always the same.  A big fat no and a big fat change of subject…and usually to something super manly like sports or cooking large amounts of meat on a grill.

Dear Rogaine, my guy friends are just not that into you.


Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Age…and I wanna know why

Jennifer aniston

I feel badly starting this off by saying how COURTNEY COX has had too much Botox (sorry, she has) because I think Courtney Cox is amazing but, guys, after watching Courtney on Cougar Town I got to thinking about the fact that, yes, Courtney has aged (and probably in a normal way) but her former FRIENDS co-star, JENNIFER ANISTON, has NOT.  Jen pretty much looks the same since 1997…seriously, look at these photos.  What. the. hell?  How is this possible?