Weekend To-Do



paint splatter DIY eggs

DIY some eggs for Easter! I love this list with 100 (yes actually 100) super simple ideas (image via Brit.co)

jamie stone for jouer

Do a mini photo shoot of yourself in an outfit you adore.  I did one today with Jouer Cosmetics and I can’t wait to share more photos with you all next week!

date nightI love the idea of having a “date night.”  Even if you’re single (like me), have a date night with the girls (image via GrasieMercedes.com)


Why are Some men are afraid of Rogaine? Let’s Discuss.

carrie bradshaw rogaine

Over the past few years I’ve had numerous guy friends complain to me about their receding hair lines, and when I suggest they start using ROGAINE, the reaction is always the same: “No way, I’ll just deal with it.”  What a typical male response, no?

“But…I don’t get it…you can STOP the balding from happening,” I’ll say back, and still, the answer is always the same.  A big fat no and a big fat change of subject…and usually to something super manly like sports or cooking large amounts of meat on a grill.

Dear Rogaine, my guy friends are just not that into you.


Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Age…and I wanna know why

Jennifer aniston

I feel badly starting this off by saying how COURTNEY COX has had too much Botox (sorry, she has) because I think Courtney Cox is amazing but, guys, after watching Courtney on Cougar Town I got to thinking about the fact that, yes, Courtney has aged (and probably in a normal way) but her former FRIENDS co-star, JENNIFER ANISTON, has NOT.  Jen pretty much looks the same since 1997…seriously, look at these photos.  What. the. hell?  How is this possible?


Too Faced Melted


Too Faced Melted

Lip obsession of the moment alert: TOO FACED MELTED LIQUIFIED LONG WEAR LIPSTICK.  Now you guys know that I’m pretttty picky about my lip products, as in I normally don’t wear much lipstick, but I’m really loving this new creation from Too Faced.  First off, the name “Melted” is pretty cool and second, the color is insanely pigmented the way you expect a good lipstick will be, BUT, it’s in liquid form, with a precision tip applicator, which essentially eliminates the need for a lip liner (thank god).  Who actually likes lip liner, am I right?


Tramp stamps…Let’s Discuss

tramp stamp

I’m cringing as I post this old photo of myself from college. Dancing away…with my starter Gucci bag, a neon wristband and, of course, my TRAMP STAMP hanging out, as per usual back then. #LONGISLAND.  Sure, it was the “style” and all, but as a now 31-year-old woman I’m dealing with the fact that having a lower back tattoo is kind of a big fat JOKE.

“Jamie! I didn’t know you have a tramp stamp!!!” is said more often than not since I live in a city where it’s bikini season 11 months out of the year and, honestly, I get it.  Nicole Richie puts it best: