Things Making Me Happy: 11.2.20

Things Making Me Happy: 11.2.20

Well…this post is going live better late than never, you know? Ha.  If you follow me over on IG then you know I spent most of Sunday at urgent care because I had a pretty awful anxiety attack on Halloween night.  I’ve never experienced anything like that EVER and I actually thought that I had COVID and that I was going to die – so fun, right?!  Turns out all my vitals were fine, I tested negative for COVID (thank GOD) and the doctors basically just feel like the weight of everything going on right now (COVID, the election, BLM, etc.) was weighing down on me so much that my body and mind just couldn’t take it. READ MORE

The Only Products You Need From Sephora’s Biggest Sale of the Year

Because it’s Sephora’s biggest sale of the year and here are only the MUST buys…


My Honest Thoughts: Kylie Skin Hydrating Lip Mask Review

Ok, so…if you follow along on my Instagram Stories then you know that I bought a few Kylie Skin face products (and body, too!) from none other than Ms. Kylie Jenner.  I absolutely LOVE the Kylie Skin Coconut Body Scrub (full review here) and the Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner was a surprise favorite.  And, as much as I love a face mask, a lip mask is always v. intriguing to me…hence, why I knew I wanted to also test out the Kylie Skin Hydrating Lip Mask. READ MORE

Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Happy Monday!  I’m oddly looking forward to this week, a week that still feels like a blur…eight months in to COVID quarantine.  On Saturday I dropped off my election ballot and, my god, did that feel GOOD…then I had a socially distanced picnic with a few friends; I live for my friend picnics and I’m feeling very lucky to live in LA where we can continue to do them even through the winter months (so sorry east coast and midwest).

Anyway, I’ve been toying with the ideas of doing a “things that make me happy” type post on a weekly basis…and given that we can certainly ALL use a bit of happy on a COVID Monday, I want to see how this goes 🙂

Let me know what you think! READ MORE

Two Inexpensive Dupes for Crème de la Mer

Crème de la Mer Inexpensive Dupes

Because as much as I love La Mer I don’t love its price tag…


My Honest Thoughts: L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review

LOreal Pure Clay Mask Review

Because we can all use a good face mask right about now…


4 businesswomen on their secrets to success

4 Businesswomen on Their Secrets to Success

Happy American Business Women’s Day!  The holiday is actually news to me. Which is crazy considering that President Reagan started it in 1983 by Congressional resolution. Today, it commemorates the important contributions and amazing legacy of more than 68 million working women and 7.7 million female business owners in the United States.  Truly impressive and something we all need to celebrate. Whether you work for a company, created your own company, or you’re an entrepreneur. We’re all American businesswomen and, personally, I’m super proud to be one. READ MORE