The Best Coconut-Infused Beauty Products

Because coconut is the ultimate scent of summer…

Coconut is one of those scents that kind of just defines summer, no?  Here are a few of my favorite coconut-infused products 🙂

Lark Himalayan Salt + Coconut Body Scrub: I literally can’t stop smelling this scrub. It’s kind of like the coconut dessert you want to order but don’t. Because you’re on a diet.  Aside from the scent, Himalayan sea salt is known for its detoxifying power and coconut oil, of course, is intensely hydrating. YUM.  Just yum.

Kopari Coconut Body Glow: If you have ears or eyes, you’ve heard of Kopari at this point.  I was skeptical at first but once I tried this body glow, I was SOLD.  The organic, coconut oil-infused skin illuminator with pearly pigment delivers hydration and a subtle glow that I’m pretty into (especially on my always-white legs).

Bath & Body Works CocoShea Richly Nourishing Body Buff: I’m a big BBW fan (obvs), and this body buff is currently in my shower. Why?  Because it combines coconut with shea butter, which means that it’s literally the most vitamin-packed thing ever.  With coconut shell and smoothing sugar crystals, the richly nourishing body buff leaves my skin feeling replenished with just a subtle hint of the tropics.



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