Here Are 5 Beauty Products You Need When You’re Traveling

Because I never fly with out these essentials…

Sooo, there’s definitely been a lack of posts the past week and the reason was because my Aunt Vivian passed away. I know, it’s hard to believe I lost another close family member so soon after my sister passed away but apparently this is just part of life, right?  I booked a last-minute flight to New York (which, if you saw my Instagram Stories, was a total nightmare, ha), and I also made sure to bring along some of my flight essentials.

The combination of limited air flow, germs, and stress on an airplane (or any mode of transportation, really) require just the right ingredients to protect your skin…these five items are total life-savers and help A LOT with de-puffing and hydration…

What do you guys use in-flight? 

Perricone MD Travel Booster: I was sent these a few months ago from the brand and was excited to try them out because nothing is more disgusting than being surrounded my coughing people on an airplane, right?  This supplement helps support immunity and circulation so you look and feel flawless during travel.  It’s formulated with 10 different types of organic mushrooms found in different parts of the world, it helps increase immunity, and they also help improve circulation during prolonged periods of sitting (i.e. like on a plane).

My flights were kind of a nightmare (storms, diversions, delays, etc.), so it’s hard to say whether or not these helped. However, I WILL say that my skin looked pretty damn good after my flights and I’d 100% use these again when not under crazy circumstances.

VOLITION Jetset & Protect Leave-On Mask: A good leave-on mask is essential on a long flight!  I’ve loved VOLITION products for awhile now and this mask is no exception.  Created for travel (but also perfect for daily use), this carry-on mask combats common travel skin concerns: dryness, irritation, and dullness. (Plus, the gel is clear so you won’t freak out your neighbor).  It’s formulated with marine hyaluronic acid that works better than traditional hyaluronic acid for both instant and long-term hydration, all while reducing fine lines.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask: I’m OBSESSED with this lip mask!  Enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants, its Berry Mix Complex offers a nutritiously sweet and fragrant blend of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry extracts to indulge the senses. Its exclusive Moisture Wrap technology boasts hyaluronic acid and minerals to form a protective film over the lips to lock in moisture and active ingredients. A generous layer of this soothing mask at bedtime (or in-flight!) helps reduce flakiness and keeps your lips as hydrated as can be.

Physicians Formula Refreshmint Cucumber & Bamboo Eye De-Puffer: A cooling eye balm is another #MajorKey product, and this version is super affordable to boot.  The cooling peppermint feels awesome around your eyes, not to mention the cucumber and aloe vera that help to visibly reduce the appearance of tired eyes.

Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets: Does anyone else get the worst static cling on their hair when they fly? I don’t even usually have bad frizz (the joy of living in Southern California), but I keep a few of these in my travel bag when I’m flying and never regret it.  These portable sheets are enriched with non-sticky polymers and coconut oil to provide light hold, tame frizz, eliminate flyaways, and add shine and definition with a quick wipe-down. Your hair (and your purse) will thank you.


Photos by Michelle Kyle Photography

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