Here’s Why You Need to Add Camu Camu to Your Skincare Routine

Because camu camu has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange…

Native to the Amazon region, the camu camu berry is a legit little-known GEM.  I found out about a year ago that this little berry contains THIRTY TIMES the vitamin C than an orange and it’s also really amazing at protecting the skin against free radicals. Boom.  Here are a few of my favorite camu camu-packed beauty products (and one you can eat)…

Found Camu Camu Gel Cleanser: This gentle gel cleanser is 99% natural and helps brighten dark spots and uneven skin tone!  I’m pretty picky about my cleansers but I have to say this one is pretty fantastic, and a great price to boot.

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C X 30 Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask: You guys know I love a good sleeping mask and this one not only brightens your skin, but it also hydrates your skin while you get some zzzs.

Plantioxidants Camu Camu & Turmeric Scrub + Mask: When I saw that this scrub/mask has not only camu camu but also turmeric, I was sold (see my post about turmeric here).  The product does a great job at exfoliating and buffing away any bumps, flakes and dullness you might have…plus it’s formulated with an additional 21 plant antioxidants!

Zint Nutrition Camu Camu: In full disclosure, Zint is my marketing client but after trying out this powder in my smoothies I was SOLD.  Camu camu is obviously good for your skin but when you ingest it, it actually helps support a healthy immune system!  Made from organic camu camu berries grown in South America, this powder is dried and milled at low temperature to preserve the berries’ natural health benefits. Like I said, I like it in smoothies but you can also add it to juices or sprinkle it over yogurt, ice cream and other healthy snacks.  The powder has a deep, tart flavor, with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and citrus. #yum.


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