5 Products Getting Me Through Quarantine

Because we all need cool shit to get us through this…

Not gonna lie, quarantining while single and living alone is not so easy.  I do totally feel for all the moms out  there (especially the single moms!) who are homeschooling their kids while also trying to work – I can’t even imagine – but part of me also feels like I’m slowly but surely turning into Tom Hanks in Castaway, talking to Wilson the volleyball, you know?  You gotta laugh!

Anywho, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I’m focusing on small pleasures that make me happy…like dedicating Friday and Saturday to takeout food (yep, no cooking for me  on the weekends), and this next-level pore tightening face mask you see me wearing (more on that below).

Here are 5 things getting me through quarantine/putting a smile on my face right now…

Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask

I actually wanted to include this mask (the teal mask I’m wearing above!) in my Sephora sale post but it sold out pretty instantly; good news is that it’s still available on the Ole website and you won’t regret the purchase.  This face mask, inspired by the “cold plunge” part of a Scandinavian sauna cycle,  not only looks cool AF but it works to detoxify, cool your skin AND reduces the look of pores. My skin felt insanely smooth after the first time I used this stuff AND my facial redness was reduced to boot.


Primal Kitchen frozen bowls and skillets

Obviously frozen food is a hot commodity right now, and I was lucky enough to recently get samples from Primal Kitchen’s newest launch – their frozen bowls and skillets.  I was skeptical since I’ve tried some really awful frozen meals before, but I tried this chicken pesto first and was instantly SOLD.  All of their frozen meals are made of real food – no antibiotics or hormones and everything is also free of gluten, soy and dairy.  As a bonus, the packaging is also all sustainable and made from up-cycled sugar cane fiber.  You won’t regret trying these, trust me!


Helen’s Wines

The other day I really wanted to order wine but decided that I wanted to try some new wine and not my usual go-tos, you know? So boring.  I had heard of Helen’s before (since it’s connected to Jon and Vinny’s) but I had never ordered from them, and let me tell you how amazing it is.  First of all, they’re doing a special for Coronavirus where you can choose between red, white or rose and then your price point ($25, $45 or $65 a bottle) and they send you a surprise wine that they love!  It sounds silly but the pure mystery of it was enough to get me excited.  I’ve been doing the $25 a bottle white and rose selections and I’ve been V. impressed.  Oh, and you don’t have to live in the LA area to take part since they also now ship nationwide 🙂


The Big Activity Book for Anxious People

I interviewed Jordan Reid for my podcast the other day (episode coming soon!) and she mentioned how her adult activity book for anxious people was more relevant now than ever.  She was right.  She sent me a copy, and I found myself actually laughing out loud at some of the activities; there’s even a page on the “soothing facts” of  hand sanitizer (!) and when I saw that I thought to myself “is Jordan a witch? It’s like she and her co-author wrote this with Coronavirus in mind!”  The book itself is “part journal, part coloring book, part weird coping mechanisms, and part compendium of soothing facts,” as they call it, and I am definitely sending this to any friend who happens to have a birthday during quarantine – most helpful gift ever.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Since I haven’t been going out at all (seriously, I haven’t left my apartment complex in three weeks) I decided that I really needed to become a farmer.  #FarmerJamie on Instagram, if you will.  Seriously though – I did a ton of research into finding an indoor garden that’s pretty much idiot-proof (what I need with my black thumb) and this one got rave reviews.  I also loved how the intro seeds (you can later select whatever seeds you want to grow) are lettuce, basil and tomatoes…three things I eat pretty much every day.  I got pretty lucky and got my garden only about a week after I ordered it and the seeds started sprouting only a day or two after I put it all together!  It’s still VERY early on (it will take about a month for me to “harvest” the produce), but I’m pretty optimistic I’ll be swimming in basil by May.  One note: I did see this kit is back ordered until June but their The Smart Garden 3 (a smaller version) IS available right now if you can’t wait.



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