The Three Best Blow Out Creams I’ve Ever Tried. Period.

Because I don’t skimp when it comes to blow out cream, and these three are worth every penny…

After hearing tons of good feedback from other beauty bloggers and editors about R+Co’s Park Ave Blow Out Balm, I knew I had to try it. And then, of course, I had to test it against a few other balms that were similar to, you know, see which one is actually the best.  The problem? I loved all three of them.  So what was supposed to be a “this is the best blow out balms/creams ever” turned into “these are the best three that I’ve tried.” 🙂

R+Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm: I have to say, just a small amount (about a dime size for my fine hair) is all you need of this stuff and #TRUTH, my usual frizz is pretty much gone.  Essentially this balm coats your hair to protect it and also has a light hold that gives your hair just a little bit of body as a bonus.  I also noticed that I end up saving time while blow drying since I don’t have to go over every strand 20 times to get it straight. This is a winner, ladies! Trust me.

IGK Car Service Blow Out Balm: The name “car service” is perfect because it really just takes you to a place where you’re thinking about convenience (i.e. not having to drive yourself) and, of course, luxury.  This balm, yes, is similar to the R+Co version, but I feel like my hair is a little bit shinier when I use this version.  You still get all the body and style memory, plus it also locks in moisture and eliminates frizz.  The balm is a heat-activated, memory cream that extends the life of your blowout so your style stays put.

Oribe Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme: Oribe products are literally ALWAYS amazing (see here), so I wasn’t shocked when I loved their styling creme.  It adds strength, density, softness and shine to strands, while ultra-nourishing properties smooth away signs of aging and damage for hair that looks and feels healthier and younger after one use.  I love that it’s formulated with skincare technology (!) and thermal protection is always a plus.  The creme evolves through three phases: cream to oil, which moisturizes, followed by oil to powder to provide volume and memory. Yessss, please.


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