3 beauty products guaranteed to cure your hangover

Because WTF did happen last night?

We’ve all been there. And, for me, I was most recently “there” after my friend’s wedding last Saturday. Lucky for me, I haven’t had “the spins” probably since my early twenties (thank GOD), but what usually happens is this: I wake up earlier than I should, I feel super dry and dehydrated, I take an Aspirin and chug water (preferably sparkling water like La Croix), I sleep some more, I order greasy food, I feel guilty about ordering said guilty food, I apply some kind of anti-hangover beauty product, I feel better.  That said, here are the latest winners, all tested and approved by moi.

Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer: This = genius because I legit had no idea that daily doses of pollution and blue light from electronic devices can accelerate aging! So, that means that your cell phone basically ages your face. Great, right?  This detox moisturizer neutralizes those pollutants and strengthens the skin’s barrier at night (or, you know, if you’re sitting around hungover all day).

Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask: A rub-off clay mask is always fun and this version deeply cleanses, exfoliates and helps restore the dull/dryness that occurs from dehydration of being hungover.

Leaders What Happened Last Night? Radiance Revitalizing Mask: If any product is calling to you more than this when you’re hungover, please tell me. This sheet mask (bonus points for being easy to apply when you can hardly move), uses ginseng and artemisia extract to revitalize and soothe hungover skin.  Your skin will 100% be dewy and refreshed with this baby after about 20 minutes, I promise.


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